White Pine Shavings

These bright white pine shavings are a clean, low dust mixture of fine and medium flakes. They are a great solution for keeping stalls dry.

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Quick Pick

Made from extra fine softwood sawdust and shavings. Highest absorbency and the quickest for mucking out.

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3 in 1

Highly absorbent fine sawdust, shavings and straw mixture will help reduce waste and save money.

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We have been buying shavings from Langridge Supply since 2009 and have received exceptional delivery service as well as an excellent product. Thank you Jeff and family...and thank you for your support of Saddle-up for Roswell.

Sue Williams, Chestnut Ridge Equestrian Center

This is the second generation of the Langridge family that has provided my horses with bedding and hay. They have delivered for my racehorses and also my retired kids in West Falls. Service with a smile and reliability is what has made me a customer for 20 years. Thanks!!

Cathy B., Orchard Park, NY